December 10, 2015

International digital marketing

Normanica Ltd - International digital marketing

Let’s assume for a minute that you see in your Google Analytic dashboard (because you are using it, I guess) that your website is viewed consistently from Italy and your sales department can confirm you that a certain share of your sales comes from Italy. Don’t you think it is time to plan your expansion in the Italian market? This is the moment you start thinking about building a new website, or a localized version of your existing website, setting up some social media channels, giving some freebies to bloggers and influencers and just wait for things to happen. But nothing happens.

Why? Because international digital marketing is to be made in a scientific way, setting up a precise strategy based on the observation of the targeted market, of what your competitors are already doing, with a proper SWAT analysis and reliable and actionable data at hand. So let’s continue in our assumption and say you have this data and you can confidently forecast that your international traffic potential is bigger than the number of visit and conversions for a break-even. These data justify the investment in a new website and a custom localized strategy.

First thing you need is someone that knows really well your target market, its culture, its language. It is not just everybody, you need a marketing professional with a background in cultural and language studies, and he/she should be a native (though it is not mandatory). Then you should discuss your data with him/her in order to set up a strategy. This person, being a native speaker of the language your intended customer speak, will be the best suited person to execute a proper keyword research, translate or invent new slogans and calls for action and execute or superintend the creation of appropriate content. He will also be able to liaise with the customers in their language and manage complaints for you (and with you)also through social media channels and online communities,  knowing how to properly deal with the situation.

Launching your products and/or services abroad is no easy task, even if they are really good and competition is low. With the help of professionals and always relying on objective measurements, you will be able to decide if you want to set up a website from scratch of you want to add a localized version to your existing website; you will pick the social media channel of your choice and we will set them up for you; we will plan together a timescale for the delivery of content on your website and its spreading through the web; we will optimize this content in order to make it discoverable from the machine and enjoyable form humans alike. We will constantly measure the success of every step, so you can decide what you want to do next.

Online presence audit
comprehensive check-up of your online projection
Website(s) review
Editorial content review
on- and off-page SEO factors
Socials review
Online reputation review
Competitive landscape
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Website facelift
full tailored package
Website creation and setup with premium CMS (Wordpress)
Custom domain
Web hosting 1st year
Plugins selection service
Customised landing pages
Social media integrations
Keyword planning
£50 Adwords campaign
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Website localisation (ITA)
£on request
break into a new market, speak as a local
Content review
Translation and localisation
Competitive landscape
Adwords campaign
Custom landing pages
Launch event in Italy (on request)
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Social Media Management Basic
+ £75 setup fee
2 social media profiles
2 weekly postings per profile
£60 Facebook ads included
Profile creatives
Monitoring and response within 24 hours
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Social Media Management Premium
+ £135 setup fee
4 social media profiles
5 weekly postings per profile
£120 Facebook ads included
Profile creatives
Monitoring and response within 8 hours
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Every piece of your web communication strategy will be discussed with you, in order to offer a tailored service that suits your needs and fits your business’ values and heritage.

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