June 23, 2018

Museum Services

At Normanica, we are passionate about art and heritage. Our professionals combine more than 20 years of hands-on experience in the various fields of Classics, Literature, Art and Archaeology. We cover the whole spectrum of western and near-eastern civilisations from Portugal to Persia and from Malta to Malmö, with a chronological span going from the Neolithic to Contemporary.

We have curated museums, permanent and temporary exhibitions, redacted catalogues and produced inventories, translated scientific and popularised material for catalogues, exhibitions and websites. Amongst us, we have produced 6 academic dissertations and published more than 20 pieces of scholarly production (articles in peer-reviewed journals, chapters in collective essays, exhibition catalogue entries, congress presentations).

We have experience in photography, technical drawing, 3D modelling, architectural reconstruction, graphical documentation, databases, quantitative and qualitative analysis, identification, website design and management, social media strategy, online advertising and so much more.

Here are some examples of the services we can offer. All prices are indicatiove and the final price will depend on the details of the individual situation and based on a tailored free quote.


per item
where it all starts
General identification
1 Professional photograph
Basic item description
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Inventory Plus
per item
scientific knowledge at hand
Scientific identification
3+ Professional photographs
Scientific description
Past auctions search
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Exhibition Catalogue
editorial services at the rescue
Introductory essay
Selection of the best items
Professional photographs
Scientific descriptions
Editing and composition
Auctions research (where applicable)
Printing 100 copies
Tailored quote
Temporary/Permanent Exhibition Design
price on request
full service project management
Items selection
Inventorysation and cataloguing
Exhibition design
Lighting study
Furniture/stands/cabinets design
Scientific curation
Online Marketing Plan
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All prices are exclusive of VAT. Multi-buy discunts available for batch bookings.