December 27, 2015

Website localization

Website localization in Italian is one of the key services our company is able to offer. With Italian native speakers at hand, and a great deal of experience in handling texts of all sorts, the content of your website (your existing one or a purpose built “.it” website) will be effortlessly accessible from your potential customers in Italy.

website localization in Italian - Normanica Ltd

According to the last UKTI report on trade between UK and Italy (November 2015),

UK goods exports to Italy totaled £8.9 billion in 2014, a 3.11% increase on 2013. This made Italy the 10th largest market for UK exports of goods.

This means that if you are not already doing business with Italian partners this is a perfect time to start! It is common knowledge that Italians do appreciate the quality and glamour of British goods, along with the rising amount of English words now commonly used by the inhabitants of the boot-shaped country.

In order to conquer the attention of your Italian audience some effort is needed though. One of the most common assumption of the average Englishman is that you don’t need to speak other people’s languages, they will speak English anyway. Though this assumption could possible be true it is not always so, and refusing to localize your digital marketing strategy you are starting with the wrong foot, putting off that share of you potential customer base that cannot or simply won’t bother to read a website in a foreign language. Look at all the big brands, like e.g. Apple, and ask yourself: do they really need to have a different version of their website and selling channel for every single country they are selling in? Yes, the do need it, because what they want to capture through website localization is exactly that share of customer  that makes the difference in their race for the biggest market share.

Just think of this: you can have a wonderful product, with a very special USP, but it is very rare that you have the monopoly of your target market. You have competitors, and if you haven’t you will certainly have in the near future. What if your competitors do what the big leading company do, that is localize and customize their marketing strategy to suit the needs and to match the features of the customers? This is the reason why you definitely need to consider website localization in Italian if your target market is Italy.


What is website localization?

Website localization is “the process of modifying a website for a specific local according to the goals outlined by the client” (Sandrini 2005). The first thing that must be clear is the goal you want to achieve or, better, what is the place of your website into your international marketing strategy. Do you want to sell goods directly on your website, building an e-commerce platform? Do you want to give exhaustive information to your potential customers and then redirect them to a selling agent to achieve the sale in person? The way you reply to these questions will shape the very structure of the website, along with the tone of voice chosen for the communication and the calls for action.

Will you target one specific foreign market, like Italy, or you want a multilingual website for the whole EMEA region? This is also a very important question, whose reply will determine the level of complexity of the website, the number of different pages, the number of social media channels that will be necessary in order to widen the audience of the national versions of the website itself and many other aspects.

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